Step 1.

Create a new account for the owner.

Use your Gmail or Booka email address with a ‘+list’ so you can use your single email address for multiple owner accounts. Example usage: (Example or

Second account: (Example or

Remember to also activate each account via the link in the email we sent you.

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Step 2.

Verify the owner lister account by email.

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Step 3.

Add the new property, your journey begins here!

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Step 4.

Add the new property and fill in a unique name + short by catchy description + it’s address.
More details can of course be added in the next step.

If you have any question while listing, just press the “support” button in the lower left corner. We’ll respond as quick as possible.

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Step 5.

Fill all the fields below each of the 5 tabs.

Once you’ve filled all the fields, you can just press “Add new houseboat” to list more properties if needed.

Don’t forget to press: “Finish listing” once you are done with this account.

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