Search Instructions

These instructions will help you to determine what a Houseboat is, and what specific requirement a houseboat needs in order to qualify as a suited houseboat for


Lead Tool

Once a search assignment is assigned to you via, you will receive a log in via e-mail with a password and username for our online Lead Tool. This online tool can be reached at

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The lead tool is designed to add new properties to our system with all the right information, such as property name, url, owner name etc.  Furthermore, the tool automatically checks if a new lead is already on our website. If a lead you have found is already registered on our website, the tool will notify you that this is not a new lead, and you cannot submit that specific boat.

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What is a Houseboat?

The following section will help you to determine what a houseboat is, and what types of boats are suitable for our website.

There are two main types of houseboats we offer on our website:


Moored Houseboats

This type of Houseboat is our main target group , and by far the most important one. These are the most valuable types of houseboats to find.  A moored Houseboat is a Houseboat that is always on a fixed position.  The following pictures are examples of Moored Houseboats.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.17.48

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Moving Houseboats

 A driving/moving Houseboat is a houseboat that can be moved during the stay. Examples of a driving Houseboat are in the following pictures:

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Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.22.14


Minimum requirements for Houseboats

 A houseboats need to meet the following requirements in terms of amenities order to meet the standards for being listed on

  • At least one toilet
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • Situated on the water
  • At least 2 sleeps
  • Preferably a kitchen on board


What types of boats are NOT suited for ?

The following type of boats are not suitable for These type’s of boats main purpose are to move long distances, and classify as a regular boat, and therefore NOT count as Houseboat. An easy way to recognise these boats is that they look like a regular boat, and not like a ‘ floating house ‘ .

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Thanks for your reading our instructions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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