Thank you for working with us and HELPING US GROW!

Please find an example property listing below, displayed just the way we love ‘em at Booka. It is to give you a look and feel of how we like you to create the listings. When listing a property, please keep the following in mind:

  1. The title and texts of the advertisement should be different from the original website. We offer unique accommodations, so our texts should also be unique. Basically the same message, but different words. Also a unique text ranks better in Google and we’ll thus get more traffic and bookings.
  2. Please keep the sentences short and clear of any typos. You can use a browser plugin like to assist you with the spelling.
    1. For accommodations located in the Netherlands the texts can be entered in Dutch.
    2. For accommodations NOT located in the Netherlands the texts should be entered in English.
  3. The summary should be short and have an attractive punch to it. It has to catch the atmosphere of the listed property and highlight what is unique about it. Always mention for who this property is suitable (target group). Use about 3 – 6 sentences.
  4. The description can be more elaborate, but here it is equally important to stick to the point and keep in mind the target audience of the property. Minimum 10 sentences.
  5. If a property (say for example a treehouse) is part of a larger campsite with further amenities, it has to be named in the bottom half of the description. List the important features.
  6. Photos: we would like AT LEAST 10 photos per listing. When a certain property has less photos, add all you can find and ask the owner for more picture.
  7. Find the best photo and use is as main image, click the “main photo” button. A nice picture from the outside of the property or a cool characteristic element is recommended.
  8. Please set the rest of the photos in this order: 1. whole property (from the outside), 2. living room, 3. kitchen, 4. bedroom, 5. bathroom, 6. outside areas, 7. further details etc etc. Make sure you have pictures of each of these sections.
  9. Property rates: fill in the base rate and check the specific settings with the host. If you have any questions on how to enter the rates, pleas ask us.
  10. Check the calendar settings with the host / or Booka. If they also advertise on other platforms like Airbnb you should help them synchronise their calendars (very important).
  11. Ask the host (or Booka) if they have reviews on other platforms of which we can import a few to add to their listing. This really helps to attract bookings and as it are real reviews, we’re playing fair too. Send us a link of the property + the link to these reviews.


Finally, what is most important to us

Booka is all about exceptional holiday accommodations in different crazy categories. So with everything you write, keep the following question in mind: what is really exceptional about this place? What is really special and attractive about this property for future guests?


These questions are key to us at Booka

Just to give an example: say you are listing a glamping accommodation with a beautiful waterfront tent. It appears that there is also the possibility to go fishing according to the owner’s website. For Booka, it is not enough to just mention: “you will have a beautiful tent on the waterside”, and checking “fishing possible” in the amenities list.

At Booka we love a short story about: “the fun and romance of a day’s fishing, where after you can chill on the sofa in your carpeted luxury tent, with WiFi readily available while you enjoy the wonderful smell of your freshly caught fish on the grill outside, holding a glass of nice local wine”.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines we are happy answer them anytime. Thanks for HELPING US GROW!

Team Booka